Business Services Include:

Business Consulting


Whether its a new project, an ongoing issue, or just an outside perspective you need; Red Raven LLC has the expertise to help your small business every step of the way.






The best comparision for financial performance is looking back at the past.  However, the past does not indicate how you will perform in the future.  Prudent budgeting, planning and forecasting is the best way to make sure your financial performance is measuring up to expectations. Red Raven LLC can develop a simple, or comprehensive budget and forecast for any small business, department or organization.


Financial Reviews


Financial Accountability & accuracy are key in any business. Feel like you're missing something? Need an extra set of eyes? Looking to see where you could be saving money and cutting costs? Call Red Raven LLC for a comprehensive financial review.


Mergers & Acquisitions


Growth is frequently achieved by merging with or acquiring a competitor or complimentary business. When you go through the process of a merger or acquisition, a neutral advisor is always a must.  Red Raven LLC can provide guidance from start to finish, regardless of which side of the table you are on.



Cost Cutting & Efficiency Maximization


Cost cutting has become a bad word to many in the business world. However, effective and efficient cost cutting doesn't mean negatively  impacting employees, or the quality of your business for the sake of a few pennies.  It means maximizing efficiencies, eliminating waste to improve the financial strength of your business.



Guest Speaking & Training


Whether its a motivational exercise, team building, sales training, or an academic setting, Red Raven LLC can provide comprehensive incite and customized programs to help you achieve your goals.



Lean Training & Lean Management


Lean isn't a just a buzz word, it's a culture.  Eliminating waste and improving efficiency in every aspect of your small business can be the difference between profits and losses, growth and decline. Red Raven LLC can provide a complete Lean Training program customized to your small business.



Marketing & Websites


Whether you need a marketing plan, an overhauled website, or a television commercial produced, Red Raven LLC has the expertise, experience and resources to get them done, properly and on a budget.



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